Dawn of War II Stuff

March 2, 2009

This is my review of Dawn of War II for Softpedia. And here are a series of articles dealing with my day by day impressions of the game. I also talked about the multiplayer beta but those articles are pretty much outdated so I won’t link to them.

And with the gaming world searching for something to have the significance of Citizen Kane (was it really that movie so important to bringing a new level of respectabiltiy to the movie industry?) I think that we have found the way the gaming industry can equal something like Saving Private Ryan or Band of Brothers. Some will say that World War II themed shooters already replicate the above mentioned movies but I would argue that Dawn of War II manages, by having the players firmly inhabiting the power armour of the Force Commander while creating the story around him through Tarkus, Cyrus, Avitus and the other “-us” named Space Marines, to create a cinematic experience which does not eliminate the possibility of a sentimental connection to the story and the characters. And to all those who are saying the acting is wooden I can only say that these are tough, superhuman Space Marines who live hundreds of years and fight genocidal aliens. They can’t have the sensibility of a Oscar winning actor…