My name is Andrei (Andrew) Dumitrescu and I am a gamer (I think). I am currenty writing about games for and have a background which includes graduating with a degree in Political Science, reading a lot of books (sci fi, magical realism, classic American authors), playing some games, drinking quite a bit at one point, watching movies and reading philosophy (not so much).

Unfortunately Softpedia is quite focused on news and downloads and there are some things which I cannot publish there. The site is more concerned with the present that with, say, analyzing Fallout 3 in series of articles. So this blog is my attempt at finding my own voice and hopefully engaging in conversation with other gamers and some of the big voices in the field.

My blogroll is at the moment will be (no time at the moment) filled with those gaming blogs which I regularly read. These are, in my opinion, the important  people as far as gaming analysis and critique are concerned, and you’d do well to read them if you haven’t done so until now.


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