Why Do We QuickSave and What’s the Relation to Thoughts?

January 26, 2009

 I believe than one of the greatest mechanics ever devised for videogame use is the “quicksave”. It’s simple: it allows you to save the current state of your gaming experience. Reasons can vary from impending possibility of failure (FPS?) to the need to return to a certain important choice later to try out another branch of the game (RPG?).

Why is it “quick”? Well, not because it is somehow faster than the normal save, as far as the writing-to-the-hard-drive part is concerned, but because a quick F5 (the key to which the quicksave is usually bound) is way easier and quicker than getting into the Game Menu, selecting Save, choosing a save slot, deciding whether to overwrite or not and then getting out of the menu. A quicksave is simple, it’s (now) intuitive, it’s convenient and out finger have become hardwired to use it.

If we look at the train of though of those who play games (myself included) then we can find a real need for a quicksave function. Some of the thoughts about games appear while we are planning. Alt-Tab and open Word document is not something we want to do. Sure, we can finish the session and then write a few words on which we will later expand. I know I sometimes do this. At other times I file away (quicksave) the thought for later use. There are a lot of instances when the thought gets lost, never to be re-visited and expanded upon. A “quicksave thought” function would be very nice, like the dictatel which Leto II used in God Emperor of Dune. Unfortunately we don’t have that and will probably never have during out lifetime.

This blog is my attempt at quicksaving thoughts. They might be long or short (probably more on the long side). Some of them will be spawned by new titles, some by old favorites, some by the posts of the authors of the gaming blogs I follow. Some of the posts/quicksaved thoughts might even be less about games than about the game infused society we live in. Until I get something interesting (oh, the pressure) to post that is really gaming related, anyone can go and read My Gaming History, in which I tell the story of my relationship with gaming, and a short About the Player/Writer.


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